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Titanium Platinum Tiger


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Platty Tiger Titaniums are finally here! When these were first produced, they were one of the most surprisingly beautiful snakes we have ever laid eyes on. With the immense variety in the Titanium gene alone, each one of these babies looks completely unique, and the Platinum gene, usually understated in young Retics, clashes into the complex to make visually stunning one of snakes every time, that hatch out gorgeous, and grow more colorful with changing hues after each shed. Some of our older ones show unseen-in-Retics color tones of beautiful blues and greens, which offer exciting new palettes for the "Living Art" enthusiast. The Tiger gene serves to lighten and brighten, and these snakes shows colors that rival any Albino on the planet, without the Albino gene! This is just the tip of the iceberg on these snakes, and who knows what can be produced using these unique gems in the future. These snakes are also 50% possible het Albino, to get you started in a new direction! Breed one of these to just a Tiger, and get Platron SuperTigers and more! A great snake for the serious collector, or breeder looking to add some new rare genetics to his or her gene pool.

Titanium Platinum Tiger
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